NEW LOCATION: 7005 NE Glisan St, Suite A ~

Portland, OR 97213


I function as both a naturopathic primary care physician, as well as a natural medicine specialist. 

As ND primary care physician, I offer an integrative practice. I choose natural remedies first but feel comfortable prescribing pharmaceutical medications when they are needed. I do routine physicals and refer to specialists as needed. I provide acute care for established patients.  I love to be an on-going medical resource for my patients.

As a natural medicine specialist, I see patients for specific health concerns. I specialize in women's health (PMS, menopause, fertility, endometriosis, etc.), bio-identical hormones, digestive issues, environmental medicine and auto-immune disease.  I often see patients who have mystery illnesses. 

Whether I see a patient as their primary doctor or as a natural medicine specialist, my goal is to help patients achieve optimal health. To do this, I believe that you need to seek and treat the underlying cause and treat the patient holistically. This is not always easy as each person is a biochemical individual and needs to treated uniquely. I support my patients in their journey towards optimal health. I work with with them to achieve the health they want in a manner that makes sense to them.

To hear me talk about women's reproductive health on KBOO community radio please click here (50 minutes, 2006).